My Mom and I

I have always been one to love having everything organized ever since I was in elementary school. My mom would take my sister and I shopping for school supplies at least a month before school would start the next year. We would put everything on lay away so when it was time to go back to school it would be exciting all over again….I know it sounds cheesy but it truly was a rush.  I get my organizing  niche from my Mom, growing up everything always had a spot. When we would go grocery shopping, she would clear out all the expired and old food every week from the fridge. As soon as we would get home she would be the first to start unpacking because she wanted to put everything with its label facing the right way. I have now taken my Mom’s niche into my own hands by turning disastrous situations into a simplified masterpiece

Agendas….people use multiple ways to organize their lives. Some use their calendar on their phone, computer or an old school daytimer. Please Please Please only use one agenda…I promise it will be easier and more productive. Personally I remember things to do when I write them down. Before I go to bed I will make a to-do list and check my agenda before going to bed to remind myself of any events or tasks that need to be done the following day. When making your to-do list I would suggest the following categories:

1. Tasks that need to be done ASAP
2. Tasks that can wait for this week
3. Future tasks that can wait (e.g. shopping for a new outfit)

My sister just bought a new planner, it’s amazing except it’s a little pricy… My Agenda. You can personalize it with your name. This is a great gift!

Organizing is never a fun task, in fact most people AVOID it at all costs. Even though I love organizing, sometimes I avoid it as well. I try to to make it fun by rewarding myself. Whether it’s buying new baskets or pretty hangers. I think everyone should take a deep breath and try to see the big picture, ORGANIZATION! I always make sure I have fun music going and my favorite candle burning.

Love this Look from ETSY

I am sure everyone loves doing laundry. Laundry rooms is a key room in your home. Laundry is never a pleasant chore to do, so why not make the room a pleasant environment when you walk in to do your favorite chore! I recently Organized one of my Clients laundry rooms. She has a very spacious room. Above her washer and dryer she has nice deep shelves with a lot of mish-mashed items on. Below is an example of everything she had on the shelves.

Items from Laundry Room Shelves-Before

Shelving in Laundry Room-Before

There are many inexpensive ways to organize your “Stuff” in places that you want to look presentable and neat. Baskets are always a clean look. Old Time Pottery is a cheap place to find fashionable baskets and crates.

Shelving with Baskets- After

One thing I hate about dry cleaning is putting metal hangers in my closet. Wood hangers are expensive but, they are a great touch to a closet and or laundry room. Ikea has an 8 pack for $4.49

Wooden Hangers- Before

Shelve with Hangers- After